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Buyback Program

Is your IT equipment losing value and a burden to your storage? You can lose significant revenue opportunities if you have idle IT equipment lying about your building (or in a storage locker someplace). With our IT Buy Back Program, you can get paid for your investment while getting rid of outdated IT securely and conveniently. Organizations that wish to optimize their IT ROI and participate in global sustainability must implement the Tech Recovery Pros Buyback Program. Our buyback scheme guarantees maximum returns without the slightest disturbance to our clients. We provide a highly competitive valuation for unwanted equipment that leads the market.

Our Buyback Program Services Include

Our services and efforts aim to give you:

Strategic Buyback Management

By deploying both top-down and bottom-up buyback strategies, we streamline the process to benefit businesses by providing them with the desired flexibility in handling returns of electronic devices.

Bulk Device Repurchase

Our service caters to businesses and organizations with large quantities of bulk electronic devices, enabling the Buyback for such an amount to streamline their return procedure and provide valuable financial benefits.

Efficient Procurement Practices

Obtaining returned devices has never been more seamless, as our buyback process offers a smooth transition of the procurement phase, resulting in an overall optimized procedure.

Configuration For Optimal Returns

Using our buyback process, we configure devices for resale or recycling to optimize their condition and increase their value strategically related to recovery.

Deployment Strategies For Resale

By successfully deploying after the Buyback, we ensure these devices are positioned in the market to earn maximum proceeds from their resale and overall returns.

Secure Data Sanitation Protocols

Dedicated to data security, our buyback process involves stringent data degaussing measures that ensure complete and secure deletion of confidential information from the repurchased devices.


Our Technicians Are At Your Back For Perfect Buyback Solutions

At Tech Recovery Pros, only security-vetted employees handle your data, from collection to final erasure. Regardless of whether your data is on tape, optical media (such as DVD/CD media), or hard disk drives, our unmatched data destruction team will assume legal responsibility for its complete and permanent annihilation.

Tech Recovery Pros Buyback Program Process

Initial Assessment and Consultation

We start with a comprehensive review to identify your IT asset portfolio and goals to assess the value of the equipment on the market.

Transparent Buyback Offer

Then, we offer a transparent and fair buyback deal depending on the testing outcomes. We convey the valuation, ensuring it reflects your expectations and market requirements.

Flexible Transaction Execution

In this phase, we conduct the buyback transaction dynamically with alternative payment mechanisms, including cash, credit, or trade-in value of improved equipment.

Secure Data Erasure and Compliance

We use a secure data erasure process to protect sensitive information before asset transfer. We consider it necessary to keep to industry regulations to uphold standards throughout buybacks.

Documentation, Reporting, and Customer Support

We establish a detailed documentation and reporting system for the buyback transaction, including asset and financial settlement details. Provide dedicated customer support to respond to inquiries.