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Strategic IT Asset Lifecycle Management Solutions

Our services and efforts aim to give you:

ITAD (IT Asset Disposition)

Our IT Asset Disposal Services will help you dispose of your old IT assets securely and responsibly. We secure data privacy and environmental sustainability, providing peace of mind while freeing up space and resources for your IT infrastructure. Trust us to protect sensitive data and uphold environmental responsibility, allowing you to pave the way for the next wave of IT innovation.


Choose our IT Recycling Services to promote environmentally responsible practices. Count on us to recycle decommissioned IT assets securely while maintaining data privacy and environmental sustainability. This allows you to free up critical space and resources while helping make your IT infrastructure greener and more secure.

Data Destruction

Protect your sensitive data with our cutting-edge data destruction solutions. Our approved data erasure processes remove all data from your devices, leaving no chance for security breaches or leaks. We provide secure physical destruction with non-functional data storage.

Data Center Decommissioning

Tech Recovery Pros provides expert and secure data center decommissioning services, guaranteeing a smooth, safe, and adequate relocation of old systems. When it comes to retiring obsolete equipment, consolidating your data center, or upgrading to new technologies, Tech Recovery Pros is the reliable partner you can count on.

White Glove And Logistics Services

With a concentration on sustainability and environmental responsibility, we provide expert logistic solutions suited to the specific needs of all enterprises. Whether you have surplus, excess, or retired IT equipment, we offer complete logistical services that assure seamless asset recovery, secure data management, and environmentally friendly disposal

Asset Remarketing

Are you interested in turning your worn-out equipment into additional revenue through intelligent IT asset management and well-networked industry contacts? Worry not; Tech Recovery Pros is here to turn your retired equipment into extra money in your pocket.

Buyback Program

Is your IT equipment losing value and a burden to your storage? You can lose significant revenue opportunities if you have idle IT equipment lying about your building (or in a storage locker someplace).

Electronics Recycling

Electronics that are outdated or nearing their end of life may contain harmful or toxic components that, if disposed of incorrectly, could pollute the environment.