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Asset Remarketing


Asset Remarketing

Are you interested in turning your worn-out equipment into additional revenue through intelligent IT asset management and well-networked industry contacts? Worry not; Tech Recovery Pros is here to turn your retired equipment into extra money in your pocket. We offer efficient IT asset management services. With the help of our wide-ranging network of dealers, brokers, and resellers, we demand the best price for your supplies. We thoroughly clean and test your refurbished equipment before classifying it according to its potential for resale.

Our Asset Remarketing Services Include

Our services and efforts aim to give you:

Equipment Collection

We collect all unused laptops, PCs, and electronic equipment from different sources, making the process easy and fast for our clients.

Network Utilization

By relying on a network of dealers, brokers, and resellers to obtain optimal prices, our extensive contacts allow us to reach the mass market using first-class deals.

Pricing Negotiation

Our expertise in drawing the best prices for surplus IT supplies through strategic negotiation will be used to demonstrate how we can get financial returns.

Thorough Inspection

We thoroughly clean and test refurbished equipment for quality and reliability with expertise that exceeds what is expected in the industry.

Classification For Resale

We classify refurbished IT equipment according to its revaluation potential, using a specific classification system to target particular markets and improve IT asset resale figures.

Maximizing Financial Returns

Unlike anything else, our guarantee of the highest possible payments for retired IT assets secures value recovery in asset remarketing.


Our Team Gives Another Life To Your It Assets

With our IT asset remarketing or recovery service, put our knowledgeable professionals to work assessing your equipment to ascertain the possibilities for reuse and resale of your current IT assets. You can maximize your value recovery by using IT asset recovery; we can purchase your IT assets from you or, if necessary, consignment-market your equipment. Our staff can also assist you in being environmentally conscious by extending the life of your unnecessary electronics or repurposing equipment to extract valuable parts.

Tech Recovery Pros Asset Remarketing Process

Consultation and Assessment

We start with a comprehensive consultation to understand your needs and objectives. We can determine what IT products you want to remarket using a detailed evaluation.

Efficient Collection and Management:

Our simplified procedure involves gathering unused IT resources effortlessly. To prepare for coordinated recovery marketing, these assets undergo strict management, during which we inventory and document every item.

Network-driven Resale

Then, we use our large dealer, broker, and reseller network to market your surplus IT supplies. Our negotiation experience ensures favorable pricing and the highest financial returns possible for our clients.

Meticulous Refurbishment and Targeted Resale

Before resaling IT equipment, we carefully clean and test each refurbished item. This phase includes distinguishing the assets to identify targeted markets for accurate and efficient sales.

Transparent Communication and Final Settlement

We keep it straightforward along the way. Clients are regularly provided with timely updates and comprehensive reports. We offer swift post-resale closure, guaranteeing client satisfaction and maximum value optimization.